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The Bantering Barman Returns!

It's been a minute since I have written a blog. The reason for that is quite simply my ability to overthink the simple things. When I think about writing a blog a million ideas begin running through my head. I endlessly wonder what people like to hear about . Then I can never narrow it down, inevitably never blogging. The truth is I've come to realize this is me, and probably a natural thing for many people. Hopefully this post is the start of many blogs to come. Blogs that people will read and hopefully enjoy. So moving forward the hope is to blog on a regular basis. What do people want to read about? Like ideas people are not the same and I'll never make every reader happy. Do I think there are still a million ideas? Yes, I do and that is life really. Picking one and running with it is the key. Simplicity is the main ingredient of blogging and the goal is just that. Keep it simple and blog about what I know best.............. The Bantering Barman is back folks!!

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