Making Time

I started this blog to tell my story. The story of Lucky, The Bantering Barman. I wrote a few blogs and then I paused. I was about to call it quits. But there is no quitting. Just like in life, we hit bumps but we don't quit or stop. We continue albeit maybe at a different pace.

You're probably wondering what caused this pause in my blogging. Folks, life caused it. Work played a big role. I started a new cabinetmaking job earlier this year. Loads of overtime combined with the bar work,band suddenly I had no time. There you have it my friends, I had no time.

I didn't have time for blogging, but I didn't have time for much else either. Just work and more work. Now folks, there in working hard, doing overtime and making money; but we have to do better. We have to make time.

I have decided to make time. Time for the things I love. I'm going to make more times for the things I love, my family and their activities. I am going to make time for some of my own hobbies, and following the GAA, Glasgow Celtic, Finn Harps, Kerrykeel 71 and Fanad Gaels.

And of course time for blogging. Some great blogs will be coming your way soon.


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