Noble Trade

Contrary to the general consensus that bar tending is an entry-level job, I would contend that it is, in fact, a noble and reputable trade.

Bartenders, also known as barkeeps, are a very important part of society. Making drinks, while a big part of a bartender’s duty it is in fact only part of the duty they fulfil. The Bar may open at a certain time but the bar tenders day starts way before that. Getting the bar ready must be done before they can fulfil the duty of serving customers. There is Ice to fill and glasses to be cleaned! The bar must look appealing to potential customers..

Opening time and customers are the most important parts. Greeting the customers and knowing the drinks they want is a critical part of the exercise. Knowing how to make drinks and pouring them is important to those at the bar. There is another very important role that is difficult for many. Knowing when a customer has had enough and cutting them off is probably one of the most difficult things to do. Knowing how to handle the situation and to keep the situation as calm as possible is not a simple task. Especially for an entry level person, I’d say.

Another important part of bar tending is reading the customer. Bartenders are many things for many people. Customers come in for many reasons. Some to celebrate, some to relax after a bad day, many are just there for a brew or two. Knowing why someone is there is important to help cater to their needs. Having all of these situations at the bar at the same time is not unusual. This is not a task for those who are faint-hearted, but one that great bartenders do well.

So, as you can see, the bartender is much more than someone who pours drinks. They can enhance celebratory occasions or ease the pain of someone having a bad day. They are often the face of a city to out of towners, and a source of news to the locals.

So you now see why I believe this is indeed a noble trade…


  1. My favorite bartender serves as my counselor as well!!!

  2. Pride in our work is what makes life. Continue doing yourself proud. Looking forward to just the one.

  3. Yep - and you do it ever so well!

  4. True words spoken by a true Bartending Legend!

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